Other Options for College Credit

What are other ways to earn college credit based on my work or life experience?

National & Local Evaluations of Training

Your professional training might be equivalent to college-level learning. Find out how you can receive credit for workforce training, career and technical education programs and certifications.

Individualized Assessment by Participating Colleges

Participating colleges offer other assessment opportunities to award credit for non-traditional learning while on the job. Find out how you might be awarded college credit for what you know.

Standard Exams

Testing out of a course is a good way for you to demonstrate knowledge and that you have a strong command of a particular subject. Find out how you can receive credit by examination.

Transfer Credit

If you are planning to transfer from another college or university, some or all of the credits you have already earned may be accepted. Find out how to take your credits with you.

College Credit for Military Experience

Your military training, even basic training, has probably earned you college credit. Find out how your learning based on training, coursework and occupational specialty can be recognized.